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Discover the Lear 45XR – A Class Above in Private Aviation

The Lear 45XR, a jewel in our fleet, blends the agility of a light jet with the broader capabilities of a mid-size jet. This aircraft offers an unmatched travel experience, striking a perfect balance of performance, sophistication, and value.

Performance and Efficiency

  • Superior Speed: Achieves Mach .81 (530 mph), topping its class in rapid transit
  • Long-Range Cruise: Maintains a steady speed of 500 mph
  • Altitude Efficiency: Cruises at 45,000 ft, effortlessly soaring above weather patterns, turbulence, and traffic delays

Range and Operational Flexibility

  • Extended Range: Extends over 2,000 miles, versatile for various journey lengths
  • Runway Versatility: Capable of operating on shorter runways, broadening airport access

Cabin Comfort and Amenities

  • Luxury Seating: Accommodates 8 passengers in a double-club configuration with leather reclining seats and rich wood accents
  • Refreshments Onboard: Features a forward refreshment center with snacks, fresh coffee, cold drinks, and ice storage
  • Work and Leisure: Offers folding work/dining tables, Wi-Fi, and AC power plugs
  • Storage: 65 cubic feet of baggage space, ample for skis, golf clubs, and more
  • Lavatory: A fully enclosed aft lavatory for privacy and convenience
  • Flat Floor Design: Ensures ease of movement and added comfort within the cabin
  • Comfortable Cabin Atmosphere: Maintains a cabin altitude of under 6,700 feet for improved passenger comfort

Lear 45XR

Tail Number: N247MX

Lear 45XR

Tail Number: N395BC

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