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King Air B200: The Premier Choice In Turboprop Travel

The King Air B200, celebrated as the most popular turboprop globally, offers a unique blend of reliability, versatility, and in-flight comfort. Ideal for both business and leisure jet-setters, this aircraft is a symbol of efficient and luxurious air travel, setting a high standard in its category.

Performance and Efficiency

  • Cruise Speed: A brisk 310 mph, balancing speed with operational efficiency
  • Altitude Capabilities: Cruises comfortably at 28,000 feet, ensuring smooth flights.

Range and Operational Flexibility

  • Extended Range: Over 2,000 miles, perfect for a variety of destinations
  • Runway Accessibility: Exceptional at operating from very short runways, providing access to almost any public airport

Cabin Comfort and Amenities

  • Spacious Interior: Square-oval cabin cross-section for generous head and shoulder room
  • Luxury Seating: Features leather seating for 6 passengers in the main cabin
  • Onboard Amenities: Forward refreshment center with snacks, fresh coffee, cold drinks, and ice storage
  • Work and Dining: Folding work/dining tables and AC power plugs for convenience
  • Storage Solutions: 55 cubic feet of baggage space and additional wing locker storage for skis
  • Enhanced Comfort: Fully enclosed and belted aft lavatory
  • Comfortable Cabin Atmosphere: Pressurized and air-conditioned cabin for a comfortable journey

King Air B200

Tail Number: N402CT

King Air B200

Tail Number: N716AV

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