Your Questions About Private Jet Charters Answered

What is a chartered flight?

A charter is an on-demand flight. Unlike airline flights departing from specific airports at specific times, a private charter is a flight you arrange for your own needs on your schedule. Instead of choosing pre-existing flight times, you can make your own schedule, setting your departure time and choosing your destination.

What are the benefits of a private jet charter?

Chartering a private jet offers several significant benefits compared to commercial airline flights. Here’s a summary of the key advantages:

  • Comfort and Luxury: These jets offer superior comfort and luxury compared to first-class commercial flights, with high-end amenities for a personalized experience.
  • Privacy: Perfect for those seeking solitude or traveling with a select group, providing privacy unavailable on commercial flights.
  • Time-Saving: Private jets eliminate long waits for security and boarding, departing on your schedule.
  • Access to More Airports: With the ability to land at smaller regional airports, private jets offer more destination options, over a thousand more than when you fly commercial.
  • Direct Routes: Private jet charters fly directly to your destination, avoiding the need for stops at hub airports.
  • Flexibility for Multiple Stops: Ideal for multi-destination itineraries, allowing efficient travel to several locations in one day.


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